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Pak Books    New urdu Books published in 2014-2015-2016-2017

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Aik Zindagi Kaafi nahin

(Urdu Book Published in 2017) 

Writer: Kaldeep Nyer

Translator: Sardar Azeem Ullah Khan

Publisher: Fiction House, Lahore 

 527 Pages1000 Rupees  Intro 

Ilmo-o-Agaahi ka Safer

(Urdu Book published in 2017) 

Writer: Dr Sher Shah Syed

Publisher: Sheher Zaad, Karachi 

 140 Pages 500 Rupees Intro 

Baachpan, laraakpan or bhoolpan

 (Urdu Book published in 2017)

Writer: Doctor Asif Mehmood Jaa

Publisher:Ilm-o-Irfan Publishers, Lahore 

 240 Pages 300 Rupees Intro 

Hum Segheeran-e-Faiz 

(Urdu Book Published in 2017)  

Writer: Doctor Memona Subhaani

Publisher: Shama Books, Faislabad 

 103 Pages 250 Rupees Intro 


(Urdu Book Published in 2017)  

Writer: Khawaja Ejaz Ahmed Butt

Publisher: Gugan Shahid 

 134 Pages 380 Rupees Intro 

Charhty Sooraj kay dais main

(Urdu Book Published in 2017) 

Writer: Ajmal Ejaz

Publisher: Goher Publications 

 135 Pages 300 Rupees Intro 


(Urdu Book Published in 2015) 

Writer: Ghulam Rasool Mehar

Publisher: Sheikh Ghulam Ali & son 199 circular Road, Lahore 

 416 PagesNot Mentioned Intro


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(Urdu Book Published in 2015) 

Writer: San Zak Rosou

Publisher: Book Home 

 216 Pages 400 Rupees intro

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Media Bar Sar-e-Pekaar

(Urdu Book Published in 2015) 

 Writer: Syed Mujaahid Ali

Publisher: Jamhoori Publications Lahore 

 136 Pages 350 Rupees intro


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(Khraabi or Us kay Asraat)

(This Pakistani Book Published in 2015) 

Writer: Babar Ayaz

Publisher:  Fiction House, Book Street, Mazang Road, Lahore

 385 PagesRs.800  Intro


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Jo Aksar Yaad Aatey hain


(Pakistani Urdu Book Published in 2015) 

Writer: Abu Nasar, Ahmed Khatib Siddique

Publisher: Amel Publications, Islamabad

 282 Pages Rs.480 Intro


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Doosray Jaahan ki awaazain


(Urdu Book Published in 2015)   

Writer: Najeeb Mehfooz

Publisher: Sunny Book Point

 96 Pages Rs. 250 intro


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Zaaton ka Encyclopedia

(Urdu Book Published in 2015)   

Writer: E.D Mechlegan/H.A Roze

Publisher: Book Home

 464 Pages Rs.800 Intro


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Oonth (Takhleeq kay asraar say jadeed tibi fawaid tak)

(Urdu Book Published in 2015)   

Writer: Dr Syed Salah ud Din Qadri

Publisher: Fazli sons (Pvt) ltd

 168 Pages Rs.288 intro


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(Urdu Book Published in 2015)   

Writer/Translation: Amina Pana

Publisher: New College Publications, Quetta

 216 Pages Rs. 400 Intro


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Jo parha tha lota raha hoon main 

 (Urdu Book Published in 2015)   

Writer: Abdul Razzaq Bhopaali

Publisher: Fareed Publishers

 168 Pages Rs. 300 Intro


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Bari Soch Bari Kaamiabi

 (Urdu Book Published in 2015)   

Writer: Dr David Joseph

Translation:  Malik Ashfaq

Publisher: Book home 

 216 Pages Rs.400 intro


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Khaq say uthnay waala fun

(Urdu Book Published in 2015)   

Writer: Dr Jawaz Jaffari

Publisher: Sanjh Publications 

 190 Pages Rs. 350  intro


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Masaayel Hal karney kay 21 asool

(Urdu Book Published in 2015)    

Writer: Brian Tracey/Translation:Malik Ashfaq

Publisher:Book Home 

 136 Pages Rs.300



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Peshan goi ka fun

(Urdu Book Published in 2015)   

Writer: Dr Syed Anwar Faraz

Publisher: Al-Faraz Publishers 

 288 PagesRs.1000  intro


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Media Safety in Pakistan

(Urdu Book Published in 2015)  

Writer: M Aamir Rana

Publisher: Pak Institute for peace studies 

 109 PagesRs. 150  Intro


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Roshni ki Shahadat

(Urdu Book Published in 2015) 

Writer: Sanwal Manzoor

Publisher: Bookhome 

 136 PagesRs.300  Intro


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(Urdu Book Published in 2015) 

Writer: Shafaq Sadeeqi

Publisher: Anjuman Farogh-e-urdu, Denmark 

287 Pages  Rs.200 Intro


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(Urdu Book Published in 2015)  

Writer: Prof Syed Suleman Ashraf

Publisher: Adara-e-Paksitan Shanaasi

 132 Pages Rs. 260 Intro


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Anjaan Ra Guzar

(Urdu Book Published in 2015)  

Writer: Soofi Shokat Raza

Publisher: Adbistaan 

 364 PagesRs.600  Intro

 No Picture Available 

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Lahoo kay Chiragh

(Urdu Book Published in 2015) 

Writer: Sadiq Hussain

Publisher: Bookhome 

 224 PagesRs.500  Intro


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(Urdu Book Published in 2015) 

Writer: Dr Tahir Tonsvi


 203 PagesRs. 500 Intro


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 Zamin Rang

(Urdu Book Published in 2014)


Writer: Tahira Iqbal

Publisher: Dost Publications

256 Pages Rs.375 Intro 

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Iqbal or Sargodha

(Urdu Book Published in 2014)

Writer:Dr Haroon Tabbasum

Publisher : Muhammad Nadeem Raana Publisher


 496 Pages Rs.1000 Intro 

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Shahra-e-rozgar per kaamiyabi ka safar

(Urdu Book Published in 2014)

Writer: Muhammad Bashir jumah

Publisher: Time managment Club

 512 Pages Rs.500 Intro 

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Molaana Abdul Salam Niazi

(Urdu Book Published in 2014)

Writer: Rashid Ashraf

Writer: Urdu Academy

 336 PagesRs. 400  Intro 

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Taleem - Masaail or Afkaar

(Urdu Book Published in 2014)

 Writer: Dr Syed Jaffer Ahmed

Publisher: Fiction House

 272 Pages 400 Rs. Intro 

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(Urdu Book Published in 2014)

 Writer: M.S Aamen

Publisher: Aamen Publications

 416 Pages
 400 Rupees Intro


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Aap ka naam-e-graami

 (Urdu Book Published in 2014)

Writer: Batif Saeed

 495 Pages
 560 Rs.


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Iqbal or Carl Marx

(Urdu Book Published in 2014)

Writer: Dr. Muhammad Afzal Hameed
104 Pages
 200 Rs.


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Nepali Kahaniyan

(urdu Book Published in 2014

Writer: Dr. Naseera Anbreen

Publisher: Book Home

128 Pages
 260 Rs.


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Takhleeqi Tanqeed

(urdu book published in 2014)

 Writer: Hameeda Moin Rizvi

Publisher: Kaarwaan-e-Millat Publications

 437 Pages
 Rs. 500 Intro


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Sufnay Aas Baneray

(urdu Book published in 2014)

 Writer: Fozia Saeed

Publisher: Saanjh Publications

 128 Pages 200 Intro


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Nawaz Sharif ka Siyaasi Safar

(Kitaab published in 2014) 

Writer: Rashid Latif

Publisher: JF Publications


 146 Pages 500 Intro


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Prof Dr. Muhammad Naseer kay Mazameen

(Kitaab published in 2014) 

Writer: Dr. Syed Jaffar Ahmed

Publisher: Irtiqa Institute of Social Sciences


 395 Pages
 400 Intro


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 Ganga Jamuni

(Kitaab published in 2014) 

Writer: Naz Ikram Ullah

Nashir: Beksh Arts, Canada


 66 Pages 17.95 Can Dollar  Intro


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Pakistan main Riasti Ashrafia ka Arooj

(Kitaab published in 2014) 

Writer: Doctor Khalil Ahmed

Publisher: AS Institute

 151 PagesRs. 220


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Rait per Khoon

(Kitaab published in 2014) 

 Writer: Noor Zaheer

Publisher: Saanjh Publications


 188 Pages Rs. 300


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Proposed Strategy for Economic and Industrial Growth of Pakistan

(Kitaab published in 2014)

 Writer: Research and Publications Department, ICMA, Kci

 109 Pages Rs.400 Intro


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Zahid or Do Kahaniyan

(Kitaab published in 2014)

 Writer: Soolian

Publisher:  Saanjh Publications

106 Pages Rs. 200


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Bank Interest Munaafa ya riba

(Kitab Published in 2014)

 Writer: Muhammad Anwar Abbasi

Publisher: Amel maktbooaat


 327 Pages Rs.700 Intro


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Puchaan Dassan

(kitaab Published in 2014)

Writer: Maqsood Saqib

Publisher: Ashraf 

 296 Pages Rs. 350  Intro


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(Published in 2014)

Writer: Karamat Ullah Ghori

Faros Media and Publshing Service, D-84 Abul fazal Enclave, Jamea nagar

India, Dehli

 199 Pages
200 Indian Rs


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(published in 2014)

Collection: Zahid Hussan

Publishers: Nerratives Islamabad

 302 Pages
 Rs.500 Intro


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Qisa Ungli Maala ka

(Published in 2014)

 Writer: Asif Farkhi

Publishers: Sang-e-meel Publications


 120 Pages
 Rs.400 Intro


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Stop Press


(Published in 2014)

Writer: Muhammad Afzal Pervez

Naashir: Naveed Publications,Shara-e-Quid-e-Azam , Lahore

 200 Pages
 Rs.200 Intro

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 Wehshat hi sahi


(Published in 2014)

Writer: Neelum Ahmed Bashir

Publisher: This urdu Book is published by Sang-e-meel publications Lahore

 232 Pages Rs,450 Intro


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Karachi Masaala Kia hay?

Writer: Rasheed Jamaal

Publisher: Loh-e-adab publications, Karachi

 196 Pages
 Rs.350 Intro


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Shaukat Sdique Afkaar o Shakhseeat

(Book Published in 2014) 

Writer: Nisaar Hussain

Pubisher: Kitaab Publications, 48 Jail Rehmat Tower, Gulistaan-e-Johar Karachi

 352 Pages Rs.450 Intro


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Khudaai Khidmatgaar Tehreek

(Published in 2014)

 Writer: Ahmed Ka Ka

Pakhtoon Thinkers Forum, Abaseen House, Puraani Sabzi Mandi Karachi

 511 Pages Rs.825 Intro


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Muneer niazi ki baatain or yaadain

(Published in 2014) 

 Writer: Tanveer Zahoor

Dost Publications, Plot No.110, Street 15, 1-9/2, Isb

 184 Pages Rs.320 Intro


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Intekhaab husn-e-Manzar (Afsaanay)

(Published in 2014) 

 Writer: Aasif Farkhi

Oxford University Press Pakistan, Kci

 222 Pages Rs.525 Intro


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Saajan Naal Mella

(Published in 2014) 

Writer: Mudasir Bashir

Saanjh Publications, Book Street/46/2Mazang Road Lahore

 89 PagesRs. 150


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(Published in 2014) 

Writer: Molaana Abdul Qalaam Azaad

Maktaba-e-Jamaal, 3rd Floor urdu Bazaar Lahore

 198 Pages Rs.250 Intro 

Pehchaan ka lamha

(Published in 2014) 

 Writer: Anwar Farhaad

Media Graphics Karachi

 144 Pages Rs.250Intro

Kitaab or Saheb-e-kitaab

(Published in 2014) 

Write: Rafih uz Zaman Zubairi

 Publisher:  Fazli Sons Urdu Bazar Karachi

 256 PagesRs. 295 Intro 

Qisa aik Saadi ka

(Published in 2014)

Writer: Allama Abdul Sattar Aasim

Qalam Foundation International, 199 circular Road, Chowk Bazar Lahore

 750 Pages
 Rs.3000 Intro 

Faanoos: Urdu Adab main Twaaif ka kirdaar

(Published in 2013)

 Write: Asif Iqbal

Publisher:Monthly "Faanoos" 3-Shama Road,Naayaan rang road, samna baad,Lahore

 Pages 304
 Rs.250 Intro 

Moaashi Bohran, Pakistan or Payedaar Taraqi

(Published in 2013)

Writer: Humaira Ishfaq

Publisher: Policy Institute braay paayedaar taraqi,P.O Box No.2342-Islamabad

 Pages 174
 Price Rs.300
Japan Tehzeeb ka Safar
(Published in 2013)

Writers:Iqbal Burma, Abdullah Miyazawa and Fatima Miyazawa 250 Pages
 Rs.450 Intro 
Yaadgaar filmain (Published in 2012)
Writer: Zakhmi Kaanpuri                    Publisher: Citi Book Point, Naveed Square Urdu Bazaar Karachi
 208 Pages
Baluchistan Tanaza or Hal (Published in 2012)

 Tarteeb:Ali Abbas

Publisher: Narratives Pvt Ltd

 220 Pages
 Rs.450 Intro 

Derh Saddi ki Rail (Publishing Year 2012)

 Writer: Doctor Irfan Ahmed Baig

Publisher: Al-Hamd Publications , Rana Chambers, Leak Road, Lahore

 164 Pages

Israel Aghaz say Anjam Tak

(Publishing Year 2012)

Writer: Meer Babar Mushtaq

Publisher: Raheel Publications, Twakal Academy.Govt College for women, urdu bazaar, Karachi

Pages: 350Rs.390

Amrica ki Awaami Tareekh      (Publishing Year 2012)

(Publishing Year 2012)  

Writer: Howard Zin  Translation: Ejaz Ahmed Rana    Publisher: Jamhoori Publications, 2 Aiwan-e-Tajarat Road Lahore   Pages:476Rs. 600

Pakistan ka Mustakbil

(Publishing Year 2012)  

Writer: Stephen Cohen   Translation: Huma Anwar    Publisher: Jamhoori Publications, 2 Aiwan-e-Tajarat Road Lahore 

 Intro -
Aaskariat Pasandi ka phelaao, Aalmi-o-Alaqaai Tanazur Main (Publishing Year 2012)

 Writer: Ali Abbas

Publisher:Narratives, Post Box No.2110-Islamabad  

 Pages:200 Rs.325 Intro 

Aaskariat Pasandi Aham Zaawiye          (Publishing Year 2012)

 Writer: Ali Abbas

Publisher:Narratives, Post Box No.2110-Islamabad 

 Pages:308 Price:425 Intro 
Osama ki mote,Haqeeqat ya Afsaana

Writer: Ijaz Ahmed Butt

Publisher: Ahmed Publications, Malik building No.1, Abbott Road, Lahore

 Pages:204Rs.250 Intro 

Writer: Doctor Javed Iqbal

Publisher: Iqbal Academy Pakistan Aiwan-e-Iqbal, Lahore

 Pages:432 Rs.500 Intro 

 Writer: Qaiser Saleem

Publisher: Media Graphics , A 997 Sector 11-A, Karachi 


Export Karain

Amadni Brhaain

Writer: Maqsood Ahmed Chughtai and Muhammad Younus Bhatti

Publishers: 394-Block G/4 Muhammad Ali Johar Town, Lahore

 Pages:414 Rs.700 Intro -


Molana Meer Muhammad 

Qudrat ullah andCompany,

Ganj Bakhsh Road, Lahore

 1152 - Intro 

Ghaltion per Ghaltian

Mirza Shahid Barlaas


 B-119, North Karachi, Karachi   




 Rs.200 Intro 

 Islamic Visa book

Zafar A Bhatti 

Golden books Publications,Shama Plaza 72-Feroze Pur Road, Lahore 336 Pages
 - Intro

 Gumshuda Oraaq

Shaukat Siddique

Kitaab Publishers Regal Trade Square Predi Street Saddar Karachi




 Roshan Menaar

Ashfaq Nayaz

Darbar Committee Hazrat peer Muraadya Sialkot 224 Pages
 Rs.400 Intro 

Musalmaanon ka hazaar saala arooj

Author: Prof Arshad Javed 


Address: Ilm-ul-irfan Publishers.


Al-Hamd Markit , 40-Urdu Bazar Lahore

Pages: 192

 Price: Rs. 200 intro 
Baatain kuch adbi kuch bay adbi ki 

Author: Jameel Yusuf

Pulbisher: Kitaab Ghar

2022, I-10/2, Islamabad

Pages: 362




 Shuja Namoos 

Author: Khadim Ali Hashmi

Publisher: Urdu Academy, 33c, Model Town A, Bahawalpur

Pages: 148

 Price: Rs.200  Intro 
 Tum nay kaantay bichaay thay 

Author: Azeem Rahi

Publisher: Media Graphics A, 997, Sector 11 A, North Nazim Abad, Karachi

Pages: 160

 Price: Rs. 150 Intro 
 Dukhan Di Dopahar 

Publisher: Shahi Publications, 69, Riaz-ul-Muslameen, Depaal Pur Chowk, Okara


Pages: 160

 Price: Rs. 150 Intro Nil
 Adam aur Shetaan ul Ain

Author: Muhammad Amaan ullah, Muhammad Sudaid

Publisher: Academic Book Center, D-35, Block-5, Federal B Area, Karachi



 Price: Rs.180
Raagni, Do hay, Geet

Author: Muhammad Yasin Khan Qaim Khani

Address: House No.R-188, Sector I-A, Thanwi Masjid, Jecom lines, Karachi

 Pages: 288
 Price: Rs.250

Author: Sheikh Muhammad kabeer Khazyani, Doctor Saud ul Hassan Rohela

Publisher: House No:69-B, Saabri Street, Sdaaqat Park, Saanda Khurd, Lahore


 Yaadon kay Saay

 Author: Anees Ahmed

Publihser: 12-Mubarik Mehal, Urdu Bazaar, Karachi

 Pages: 158
Price: Rs.200
 Chado Rehn Dio

Authoress: Zil-e-Huma Bukhari

Publihser: Sacheet kitaab ghar, 11-Ashraf Mension Book Street, Lahore

 Pages:176  Price: Rs.200

 Sardar Ali Saabri, Mashaheer ki Nazar Main


 Author: Arshad Saabri

Publihser: Sardar Ali Sabri Memorial Society, A/28 Block, 4-A, Arshad Sabri Road, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi

 Pages:400 Price:Rs.400 Intro 
 Takhleeqi Aankh

 Author: Doctor Akhtar Hashmi

Publisher: Izhaar Sons, 19 urdu Bazaar, Lahore

 Pages:192 Price:200 Intro 

Author:Sadia Roshan Siddique

Publisher: Rub Publishers,10-Mehr Terrace Street, 6-Brance Road, Karachi

 Pages:192 Price:Rs.350 Intro 
Abdiat kay Tanazur Main

 Author: Doctor Nafees Iqbal

Publisher: Adara-e-Sakafat Islamia,2-Club Road, Lahore

 Pages: 188
 Slaamti ka Safar

 Author: Aijaz Rehmani

Publisher: Bazm-e-Ehbab, House No.A-44, Sector 5-M, North Karachi,

 Pages:842  Price: not mentioned
Raaigani si Raaigani hay

 Poet: Saad ullah Shah

Publisher: Kahlid Book Depot, 40-Urdu Bazaar Lahore

 Pages:126 Price: 150

Poet: Kadim Azeem Abaadi

Publisher: Bazm-e-Firdosi,1199/9 R, Dastageer Society, Federal B Area, Karachi

 Pages:160 Price:Rs.200 intro 

 Writer: Anbreen Haseeb Anbar

Address: C-147 Block J, North Nazim Abad, Karachi

 Pages: 432
 Price: Rs.250
Adakari kay Ramooz

Writer:Iqbal Motlaani

Publisher: Five Star, Art promotion, Academy, P.O Box 17814, Karachi

 Pages: 192
 Price: Rs. 400

Shahaab Naama (Honorary book of this site)

Shahab Nama

Writer:Qudrat Ullah Shohaab

Publisher:Sang-e-Meel Publications Lahore 

Pages:840 Rs.1200  Intro 


Writers Name:       Qudratullah Sahaaab

Description: This urdu books shohaab nama self description of Sir Qudratullah Shahaab and describes all the circumstances  in which Pakistan was created. Cruelties and Killings of Hindus. Difficulties faced by Pakistan after its creation. The reader can also experience the spiritual passion in his soul and also learn how to live a clean life and take bold decisions when he has to face hardships. In this book the writer tells us that believe in God no matter what happens.